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Canadian Spray Foam Solutions Ltd. Also Offers Sandblasting Services in Saskatoon

Commercial Truck Sandblasting
In the sandblasting process, fine bits of material are propelled at high velocity to clean several types of surfaces. Sandblasting typically involves the abrasive, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle. It has an effect similar to using sandpaper, but with much more power and a more even finish, getting into small spaces. Sandblasting can create a variety of surface finishes as needed, using different abrasives such as steel shot, aluminum oxide, coal slag, and glass beads.

Sandblasting is sure to remove the most stubborn coatings. At our location, we have an eight-acre yard, 8,000 square feet of shop, and a paint facility. We specialize in working with heavy equipment, trailers, and truck painting. We can also execute body shop services.

Sandblasting is a 100 percent guaranteed way to clean steel. This includes fast set coatings, spray-on box liners, structural steel, tank liners, and spray-on urethane foam. CSFS works with residential clients as well as businesses in several industries, including construction, manufacturing, landscaping, transportation, automotive, and many others. Using the highest quality equipment, proper protective gear, and safety precautions, we not only execute every sandblasting job safely–we ensure the job gets done correctly the first time.

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